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The 1200 mile Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail (PNNST), running from the Continental Divide to the Pacific Ocean, ranks among the most scenic trails in the world. This carefully chosen path is high for the views and long on adventure. It includes the Rocky Mountains, Selkirk Mountains, Pasayten Wilderness, North Cascades, Olympic Mountains, and Wilderness Coast. The trail crosses 3 National Parks and 7 National Forests. You can play an important role in developing, enjoying, and preserving the PNNST. Whether you are a PNNST hiker or volunteer, this web site welcomes you and offers you information, fellowship, and a forum to learn and share experiences. Please Join us and become a member of the PNTA. Become a member.

As of October 31, 2013, Volunteers and Youth Crews contributed 30,300 hours on the PNNST.


Experience the Wild Day Camps

Experience the wild is an outdoor summer day camp for 8-12 year old youth, sponsored by the Pacific Northwest Trail Association and the US Forest Service. Each day campers will participate in outdoor adventures, exploring the wild and learning about the natural environment and how to stay safe outdoors. For more information and to sign up please print out the PDF brochure and return to our office either in person or by mail

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Whistler Canyon Land Acquisition: We did it!

To all of the donors to, and supporters of the Whistler Canyon property, We Did It! The purchase was successful. We want to really extend our gratitude to Kinross Gold, Echo Bay Mining, for all their support in making this happen..This will ensure protection for the trail corridor, between the county trailhead and BLM property.

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The Bi-Weekly R6 Update: Not Your Average Summer Camp

Story by Kelly Sprute, Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie NF
Photos by Kelly Sprute and Jason Brooks, Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie NF

Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie NF, Darrington RD - This year the Pacific Northwest Trail Association (PNTA) offered three summer session camps for 90 kids from communities in Skagit and Snohomish counties. It wasn't just a typical summer camp, but rather a weeklong experience for elementary-age kids to connect with nature and learn about the forest in their own backyard. The camps were free, thanks to partnerships with the USFS and Washington State Parks.

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Lazy Daze Retreats

We at Lazy-Daze-Retreats/Columbia Cottages welcome PNT hikers to rest your weary bones, get a hot shower, and refresh, rejuvenate with a comfortable nights sleep in any of our lodge/cabin offerings. We are also happy to receive and store your trail provisions, just give us a call for arrangements. For those of you who haven't had enough of camping, we can arrange a nice, peaceful and safe setting for you to pitch a tent, on our riverside grounds. (no homesteading!!!) Shuttling available upon advanced notification.

Happy Trails,

Art and Nina Grobben

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Please help support our Summer Youth Crews!
Trail Performance Crew Summer Youth Sponsorship Information

Trail Reroute Information

Starting sometime after June 1st of 2013 the Pacific Northwest Trail will be rerouted on Blanchard Mountain. Map #07-19 on the PNTA website has been redone to show this reroute. The reason for this is the Acorn Timber Sale, which will last approximately two years and during which time Max's Shortcut and the Larry Reed Trails will be inaccessible. Access to the Samish Overlook will also be affected.

If you're westbound the PNT will take off at Lily Lake over to Oyster Dome and follow the Samish Bay Trail to Chuckanut Drive. Eastbound the PNT will leave Chuckanut Drive at its current location, proceed up to the Samish Bay Trail, around Oyster Dome to Lily Lake, where it will tie to the British Army Trail.

Olympic National Park Trail Closure and Rules/Regs for backpacking:

Boulder Creek Road from Glines Creek Dam, on Lake Mills, to the Olympic Hot Springs is closed. And some rules and regulations for backpacking in the park. ..more..

Shoring up Blum Creek Bridge

The PNTA works with the Mt Baker - Snoqualmie National Forest on the Baker Lake section of the PNNST..more..


The Pacific Northwest Trail Association is dedicated to the construction, preservation and management of the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail in a manner that makes a lasting contribution to the recreation, education, and enjoyment of present and future generations.


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By joining the Pacific Northwest Trail Association(PNTA), you're have taken the first step to help protect and preserve the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail (PNNST) for future generations; but if you are interested in helping out even more, there are a number of opportunities available.

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