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Trail Maps

This Web site contains maps for portions of the Pacific Northwest Trail. Because they come from several different sources, they vary in format and size, depending on the geographical area they cover and how they were obtained or produced.

PNT Three State Map (488 KB)

Topographic map of the entire PNT route.




Google Earth kmz file (827 KB)

Need to have Google Earth on your computer to use this file, right click and select "Save Target As" after the file is saved to your computer open the file with google earth.)

National Geographic Topo map file (567 KB)

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Mileage Charts Chief Mtn to Cape Alava (120 KB)

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Skagit and Whatcom County maps

Blanchard Hill / South Chuckanut Mountain (572KB)
Anderson Mountain (543KB)
Cranberry Lake (143KB)*
Heart Lake (97KB)*
Whistle Lake (205 KB)*

*The Cranberry Lake, Heart Lake and Whistle Lake maps can be purchased from the City of Anacortes follow this link City of Anacortes

Printable Maps

The following maps have been slip into two sections to make printing easier, they are in GIF format.

PNT Three State Map left section (230 KB)
PNT Three State Map right section (241 KB)

Anderson Mountain left section (301 KB)
Anderson Mountain right section (331 KB)

Blanchard Mountain map left section (378 KB)
Blanchard Mountain map right section (301 KB)

Pacific Northwest Trail Strip Maps

Format: PDF, Scale: 1:36,000 (1 mile = 1.76") Print with Page scaling set to "none" and auto rotate and center "on". Coordinate ticks: 0.5 minute geographic (lat/lon) based on WGS84 datum.

The maps are grouped into 10 PDF map books that correspond to the chapters in the 2001 PNT Guidebook. Sections and maps are numbered from east to west starting at Glacier National Park. Each map includes a graphic location inset.

1. Rocky Mountains, Glacier National Park to Lake Koocanusa
2. The Purcell Mountains, Lake Koocanusa to Kootenai River
3. Inland Empire, Kootenai River to Columbia River
4. Kettle River Range, Columbia River to Sweat Creek
5. Okanogan, Sweat Creek to Cold Springs
6. Pasayten, Cold Springs to Ross Lake
7. North Cascades to Salt Water, Ross Lake to Samish Bay
8. Puget Sound, Samish Bay to Admiralty Inlet
9. Olympic Mountains, Port Townsend to Bogachiel River
10. Pacific Ocean Wilderness Beach, Bogachiel River to Cape Alava

A primary PNT route is shown in red on the maps with alternate routes in purple. One mile interval hatch marks are included to facilitate distance estimation. The hatching is computer calculated from the mapped route. Campsite locations are from data provided by Jon Knechtel, PNTA.

Road and trail names are primarily from the 2001 PNT guide book.
Adjacent map numbers are indicated in the margins.

Map layout and production by Ted Hitzroth, GISP, 1983 PNT end-to-ender. Special thanks to Jon Knechtel for his knowledge and assistance with current route locations. The maps were rendered using ArcGIS software and ESRI ArcGIS Online USGS Topographic map backdrops

These maps are provided freely for the non-commercial use of Pacific Northwest Trail users. If you you find these maps useful, we encourage you to make a donation. Be aware that trail condition and route changes may occur that aren't reflected on these maps. This is a volunteer project. Users are encouraged to submit revisions for any errors they find.


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Trail Reports

As people "through-hike" the Pacific Northwest Trail or large portions of it, their experiences and reports are a valuable addition to the growing information that is available on the trail.

The PNTA Message Board/ Discussion forum is the best place to receive up to date trail information from experienced PNNST trail hikers.

The PNTA facebook page is another option to get current information about the trail.

Many hikers have shared their experiences and adventure on the PNT, here is a link to their stories PNT Hiker Stories

Pacifc Northwest Trail Books

The Pacific Northwest Trail Guide

The official guidebook for Long Distance and Day Hikers by Ron Strickland, Maps by Ted Hitzroth

Pacific Northwest Trail Digest

Pacific Northwest Trail Town Guide