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Trail Work


Along the 1,200 mile corridor of the Pacific Northwest Trail, the PNTA engages a wide variety of organizations and individuals in the construction and maintenance of the PNT.

Due to its remote, northern location and east-west orientation, much of the PNT remains snowbound until summer, leaving a challengingly, short season to work with, typically just eight weeks long. 

Our SKY Programs (Service Knowledge Youth) offer both paid employment and volunteer community service experiences to local youth, ages 14 – 18.  The SKY Program is also part of the 21st Century Conservation Service Corps, a federal program though the Departments of Agriculture and Interior.

Other PNTA Trail Crews work with young adults, ages 16 – 24, often from local alternative schools, that specialize in reaching students who are struggling socially, economically, or academically.  Participants achieve personal growth, learn teamwork, trail stewardship, and Leave-No-Trace Ethics, all while working and living in a rugged, backcountry setting.

PNTA - Job Corps Trail Crews
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