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Trail Advocacy

We consider ourselves to be the primary protectors of the Pacific Northwest Trail and are advocates on the trail’s behalf.

We want to see the Pacific Northwest Trail completed, protected, and funded.

Trail completion

Approximately 300 miles of the current trail is on motorized routes. We’re working with dozens of federal, state, and local governments as well as people and communities along the length of the trail to complete the Pacific Northwest Trail as a continuous non-motorized route.

Trail protection

The Pacific Northwest Trail offers a variety of experiences along its 1,200-mile journey from the Continental Divide to the Pacific Ocean. We’re working to preserve and protect the quality and variety of experiences whether the trail is in a remote wilderness area or a working landscape.

Trail funding

Building and maintaining trails requires money. We organize volunteer projects and youth crews as much as possible but also advocate for increased federal funding for the Pacific Northwest Trail. To do this we meet with Congress to talk about the beneficial economic and social effects of the Pacific Northwest Trail and we also raise more money to help improve the trail experience.