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Youth Programs

Youth Programs

For 25 years, the Pacific Northwest Trail Association has engaged local youth in a variety of academic, vocational, and volunteer community service programs. 

In 2000, our highly successful Service Knowledge Youth (SKY) Program was launched. The SKY program was created in partnership with the 21st Century Conservation Service Corps, a federal program though the Departments of Agriculture and Interior. 

Today, our two SKY programs work with youth, ages 13 – 18 years of age, on the eastern and western portions of the Pacific Northwest Trail, in Washington state. 

Beyond learning to perform trail maintenance and construction techniques to U.S. Forest Service Standards, students also learn about trail stewardship, Leave-No-Trace Ethics, and reap the rewards of personal and group accomplishments in service to our public lands and their local communities.

SKY Performance Crew, Okanogan Region
SKY Quilcene Ranger Corps