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You Love the PNT — Here’s How You Can Get Involved

1. Explore the Trail and Help Encourage Responsible Use

Pacific Northwest Trail users have helped to explore, map and promote this world class mountain-to-sea route across the Northwest. From the beginning PNT’ers knew that “treading lightly on the land” was everyone’s responsibility and the key to protecting the PNT for generations to come.

Practice Leave No Trace

The PNTA encourages all users to practice the Seven Principles of Leave No Trace. LNT principles communicate the best available minimum impact guidance for enjoying the outdoors responsibly. The Principles are based not only on a respect for nature and other visitors, they are also based on and supported by scientific research.

Practice Leave No Trace both while enjoying the PNT and before you set out, by taking the time to thoroughly Plan Ahead and Prepare. Resources on this website, like our Plan Your Trip and Explore the Trail webpages will help you to enjoy the PNT responsibly and to do your part to protect the trail and the experience for other backcountry visitors.

Explore the Trail

The 1200 mile Pacific Northwest Trail is a continuous, primarily non-motorized pathway which offers outstanding recreation opportunity.

Yours to explore, the trail is primarily used by hikers, backpackers, and equestrians, who enjoy it one day at a time, or as a complete end-to-end adventure. The PNT provides a world-class opportunity for all to experience the diversity of ecosystems and communities in the Northwestern United States.

Share Your Story

Sharing tales of our PNT adventures helps to raise awareness and support needed to protect the trail. Today, nearly everyone loves to share photos and stories of their outdoor adventures, on social media. Before posting your PNT photos, please be sure to consider your responsibilities for photo sharing under Leave No Trace and do your part to encourage responsible use.

If you are thinking of giving a presentation about your PNT adventure, we would love to hear about it! Contact us for more information.

2. Stay Informed and Help Advocate for a Better PNT

Generations of long-distance trail enthusiasts, volunteers and advocates have worked together to put the Pacific Northwest Trail on the map. Today, our members and donors help us to build a better PNT, provide free trail information, and much more!

Read our Newsletter

Our newsletter compiles blog posts and other updates in a free electronic format. For updates on how we’re working to build a better PNT, and info about upcoming PNTA events, our newsletter is the best way to get involved with the Pacific Northwest Trail community.

Attend our Events

PNTA outreach events are designed to inspire outdoor enthusiasts to explore the Pacific Northwest Trail safely and responsibly by providing opportunity to seek qualified advice directly from PNTA staff and former PNT thru-hikers. Each year, we work to provide guided hikes, slideshows, and annual community gatherings. Visit our events calendar or subscribe to our newsletter to learn about upcoming events near you.

Join our Online Community

Join the PNTA and other PNT enthusiasts online on our PNTA Facebook Page and PNT Hikers Facebook Group. Aside from, Facebook is a great place to get the latest news about the trail and to connect with other hikers and to seek qualified advice and opinions from our trail community.

You can also follow us on social media and find inspiration for your next PNT adventure on Instagram, and Flickr. Be sure to use the hashtag #crowntocoast to be regrammed.


3. Volunteer with the PNTA and our Partners

We partner with volunteers to help build a better PNT. Grassroots volunteers helped to create this mountain-to-sea route and continue to help to maintain, advocate, and to protect this remarkable long-distance trail.

Volunteer Information

We believe in the power of our trail community to help build a better PNT. Becoming a volunteer who dedicates their time and talent is one of the most important ways to give back to our trail community. There are many ways that you can get involved: by helping us make our next event a success, by taking high-quality photos, or by helping with the upkeep of the trail itself.

Learn about volunteer opportunities by subscribing to our newsletter, our events calendar, or by filling out a volunteer form.

Sign Up to Volunteer

The Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail owes its very existence to the grit of grassroots maintainers, like the PNTA, who dedicated themselves to make Ron Strickland’s dream of a crown-to-coast National Scenic Trail a reality. With your help, we can accomplish so much!

Please complete our volunteer form to join our team of dedicated volunteers and we will contact you when an opportunity that matches your interests becomes available.

Help us Fundraise

There are several ways you can help with fundraising for the Pacific Northwest Trail Association. Subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook to learn how you can help with our next fundraising campaign.

You can also support the Pacific Northwest Trail Association just by shopping. Help us to earn 5% of your next purchase at REI stores, simply by clicking on these links and and completing your purchase.

AmazonSmile is another simple way to support PNTA when you shop online. Visit AmazonSmile and type in Pacific Northwest Trail Association under ‘pick your own charitable organization’. Whenever you shop through Amazon, go to AmazonSmile and 0.5% of the purchase price from your eligible AmazonSmile purchases will benefit the PNTA.

4. Become a Member and Give in Support of the Trail

Our member-supported, nonprofit organization created the Pacific Northwest Trail and advocated for its place in our National Trails System — the gold standard for long-distance trails in America.
Today, our members and donors help us to build a better PNT, provide free trail information, and much more!

Become a PNTA Member

The support of PNTA Members helps us do so much! Our member-supported, nonprofit organization created the Pacific Northwest Trail and advocated for its place in our National Trails System — the gold standard for long-distance trails in America. Today, our members help us to build a better PNT, provide free trail information, and much more!

By becoming a member of the Pacific Northwest Trail Association, you will support our efforts to protect the Pacific Northwest Trail. Whether you’re preparing for your first excursion on the PNT or you’re a seasoned End-to-Ender, your support is what makes it possible for us to build, maintain, and advocate for the trail of your dreams!

Make a Donation

Grassroots advocacy by the Pacific Northwest Trail Association created a trail community which spans the Northwest and the world.

By donating today, you join our community of trail advocates and local supporters in protecting and preserving the Pacific Northwest Trail for generations to come. Your financial support makes possible PNTA’s youth work, education, and continual advocacy and maintenance of the Pacific Northwest Trail.