Complete Map Set of the PNT – 2022 Digital Download

The PNTA mapset is produced in part with the support of people like you. If you find these maps useful, please make a donation in support of this project and trail maintenance on the PNT.

The Association offers our strip maps and other resources for free to the public in order to improve access to our public lands. Our mapset helps fulfill our mission to protect the Pacific Northwest Trail with easy-to-read page notes that promote responsible trail use and Leave No Trace Outdoor Ethics.

*Downloading these free maps subscribes you to the PNTA newsletter. You can opt-out at any time! The PNTA does not share your personal information collected with third parties.

Suggested Donation: $12.00

Minimum Donation: $0.00


Just as the PNTA leads the effort to make on-the-ground improvements to the Pacific Northwest Trail system, we work with key partners to continuously refine our data set and update it with the most current information available. This year, we’ve released our maps with minor revisions. If you have a previous version of these maps, you can print or review the included addendum which includes only the pages that have significant changes.

The 2022 edition of our Mapset includes two sets of maps. Download our Strip Maps for viewing or printing on your home computer and take them with you to navigate the PNT in the field. They include crucial new waypoints, updated page notes, and new field-verified track files that show the newest realignments to the trail corridor.

To better help all of our users plan trips on the Pacific Northwest Trail, we have developed a set of new Overview Maps which describe the trail as 50 consecutive stages. These maps are ideal for trip planning and for “choosing your adventure” by exploring the many popular alternate routes along the trail corridor.

Each download includes a quick start guide with elevation profiles, a resupply planner, with mileage between trail towns, and more.

Version 5.5 was published on May 27th, 2022

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