Kettle River Range Gallery

Pacific Northwest Trail – Section 4
Northport, Washington to Sweat Creek
121 mi (195 km)
Kettle River Range
A hiker on the PNT in the Kettles. Photo by Tyler Yates.
A hiker on the PNT in the Kettles. Photo by Tyler Yates.

Wide open spaces, rolling grasslands, and rugged mountain ranges characterize the Pacific Northwest Trail in the Kettle River Range. Species suited for life in a dryer climate, like ponderosa pine and bighorn sheep, thrive in the Kettles.

These remote landscapes offer quiet, star-filled nights and perhaps the best opportunity to spot a gray wolf–or hear its lonesome howl–of the entire trail corridor. Afterall, Eastern Washington is home to the largest population of gray wolves in the state.

Loved by cyclists and hikers alike, the Kettle Crest National Recreation Trail, east of the trail town of Republic, Washington, is a popular destination in Section 4. But hidden treasures, like the Grand Canyon of the Sanpoil, have remained virtually undiscovered by outdoor enthusiasts.

This region was transformed by a gold rush at the turn of the century, and old homesteads and prospectors’ cabins remain as traces of the area’s mining heritage. The historic main streets of the trailside community of Republic, Washington speak to this bygone era, and still retain an early 1900s look and feel.