A PNTA trail crew hikes toward a mountain lake...

Seeking New PNTA Board Members

2023 marks 49 years since Ron Strickland first shared his vision for The Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail – one of ecological diversity, environmental conservation, and access to some of the Northwest’s wildest places. It took 34 years of grassroots advocacy led by the PNTA for the trail to receive congressional designation, and today we…
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Wildflower Filled Meadows on the PNT

Draft Pacific Northwest Trail Comprehensive Management Plan Available for Public Comment

Summary The Forest Service has released a draft of the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail Comprehensive Management plan for public comment. The plan is currently undergoing an Environmental Assessment, which is an important step in the plan’s development and required before the plan can be approved by the Secretary of Agriculture. Public comments collected in…
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26th Annual Hike the Hill Event

Each February, advocates from the Partnership for the National Trails System, American Hiking Society and the member organizations and affiliates who represent our 30 national scenic and historic trails assemble in Washington DC to Hike the Hill. This year, the Pacific Northwest Trail Association was represented by Executive Director, Jeff Kish and Senior Consultant, Mike…
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PNT Comprehensive Plan Update

What is the PNT comprehensive plan? In 2009, the US Congress designated the Pacific Northwest Trail as a national scenic trail, making it one of the newest trails to be added to America’s 55,000-mile National Trails System.  As a national scenic trail, the PNT is subject to the legislative requirements of The National Trails System…
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volunteers reshaped the PNT

Six Ways Volunteers Reshaped the PNT in 2021

Shared stewardship of the PNT is a partner and community-driven process. It involves coordinating a large and diverse community of professional and volunteer trail stewards, trail users, and many local stakeholders. With their help, the PNTA is working to maintain and enhance the Pacific Northwest Trail for generations to come.   It’s no secret that…
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Help Protect the PNT from Wildfire

The Northwest is experiencing near record drought this summer and the risk of fire is very high in many areas along the Pacific Northwest Trail. Yet, with a few basic precautions, elevated fire danger does not have to lead to a wildfire.  During fire season, the Association would like to remind our trail community to…
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Updated Signage in Deception Pass State Park

The Pacific Northwest Trail is now a little easier to enjoy in Deception Pass State Park. This May, several PNTA board members from Washington State traveled to Deception Pass State Park to meet with association staff and hike through the park together, installing new thunderbird markers along the trail’s north/south route on Fidalgo and Whidbey…
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Mt Zion Trail

2021 Season Outlook

With a route that traverses some of the snowiest mountain ranges in the lower ‘48, seasonality is one of the defining characteristics of the Pacific Northwest Trail. Full access to the trail corridor is only possible between July and September, which makes for a short and exciting season for hikers and trail builders alike. When…
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Welcome to Olympic National Park by Ken Lund is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Pacific Northwest Trail Backcountry Permits in 2021

Between the Crown of the Continent in the Rocky Mountains and the Wilderness Coast, the Pacific Northwest Trail traverses three amazing national parks. It also crosses seven national forests and many other public lands, including state, county and municipal parks.  Camping regulations will vary in each of these places. You can help protect the PNT…
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Port Townsend

Guidance for Visiting the PNT in the 2021 Season

For over forty years, our trail community has helped the PNTA to create and maintain the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail, a world-class pathway that provides much needed opportunities for ALL to get outdoors and explore the scenic public lands across the Northwest. This year, we ask every PNT visitor to #RecreateResponsibly and take extra…
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A PNTA Trail Crew hikes to a worksite on the Mt Baker-Snoqualmie NF in 2019.

Five Projects That Made the PNT Even Better in 2020

As one of America’s youngest National Scenic Trails, the Pacific Northwest Trail is loved for being a little rough around the edges. Compared to the longer-established “triple crown” trails many decades its senior, the AT, PCT and CDT seem polished to natural perfection. Although many of today’s visitors find charm and adventure in the Pacific…
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