Above:   The PNT follows along the shores of the Pacific coast in Olympic National Park. Photo by Tyler Yates. All Rights Reserved.

Long-distance hiking and riding on the PNT

For most of its existence, as few as five or ten were bold and experienced enough to tackle a Crown-to-Coast adventure on the Pacific Northwest Trail each year.

Long distance trail lovers will recognize that these numbers are relatively low. End-to-end treks “against the grain” of the rugged northwest topography of the Pacific Northwest Trail represent a rare accomplishment – historically, less than half of all attempts to complete the entire PNT in a single season have been successful.

To publicly honor the achievement of these hardy men and women, the PNTA has created an official list of those who completed all 1,200 miles of the Pacific Northwest Trail. We acknowledge that this preliminary list may be far from complete and encourage PNT end-to-enders to submit a 1,200 Miler Form or to contact us.

The special passion 1,200 Milers hold for the Pacific Northwest Trail helps to ensure its legacy; the personal stories long-distance hikers share about the struggles and rewards of the trail are what draw others to experience the PNT and the beautiful landscapes and historic main streets of the Northwest.

In 1977, Ron Strickland began tracking the first exploratory thru-hikes on the PNT, but over the last forty years, many finishers’ accomplishments have been lost to history—until now.

Official List of 1,200 Milers, 1977 to Present

Thru-hikes of the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail, 2009 - present

End-to-end treks of the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail after congressional designation
Year Finished Name Trail Name
2009 Austin Miller Goldilocks
2011 Jim Fulmis Yeti
2011 Al Learned
2012 Brian Tanzman Buck-30
2013 Dan Stets Teenwolf
2013 Beth Willard
2014 Benzo Harris
2014 Jeff Kish
2014 Mike Summers Animal
2014 William Dick Vogel Hike On
2014 Kelley Wiley Lane Let’s Go
2015 Beverly Britts Bebo
2015 Abilene Bushong
2015 Sharky Cornell Sharky
2015 Bobby Duncan Cyborg
2015 Marc Fendel Gourmet
2015 Ashley Hill
2015 Alex Maier Money $hot
2015 Grace Nichols Morning Glory
2015 Eric Oliver Spice Rack
2015 Ashley Ross Voodoo
2015 Michael Sawiel Flanders
2015 Melanie Simmerman Lemstar
2015 Emma Sirr Dog
2015 Theodore Waayers
2015 Richard Wiggins Moose
2015 Jeffrey Winchester Oakdale
2016 Trent Banks Strauss
2016 Reed Gokey Skyeyes
2016 Mike Hopper Stone
2016 Brian Lewis Gadget
2016 Quoc Nguyen Magic
2016 Mike Unger AYCE
2016 Eric Wollborg Panorama
2016 Suzanne Wollborg Xana
2017 Josh Barrett JB
2017 William Buckley Dirty B
2017 Doug Carducci Epic
2017 Analeise Dowd Thumbalina
2017 Lane Early Crocs
2017 Jeremy Epps Sr. Iron Eagle
2017 Christian Frey Blues Clues
2017 Stephen Gallant Fun Jumper
2017 Samuel Gow NightWalker
2017 Will Gregg Merryweather
2017 William Griffith Marty McFly
2017 Cassandra Harris Scrubba Dub
2017 Mandy Holmgren Ouzel
2017 Sam Kaelin Cheddar
2017 Josh Kautz
2017 Paul Kautz Hiking Dude
2017 Chim Lev RoadRunner
2017 John Maxwell Lucki the Enabler
2017 Tim Melech Ozark “The Lake Maker”
2017 Cathe Neuberger Pounce
2017 Jordan Newton Samaritan
2017 Andrea Onken Andy
2017 Charlie Paterson Data
2017 Austin Pischer Sogood
2017 Troy Rathbone Rathbone
2017 Hannah Redmon Zucchini
2017 Krisanne Rice Cantaloupe
2017 Ashley Ross Voodoo
2017 William Ross Signpost
2017 Savannah JetFighter
2017 Adam Sitarski Paperweight
2017 Erin Tudor Granny
2017 Mathias Waldo Boissevain Sundown Samurai an Enabler
2017 Jeffrey Winchester Oakdale
2017 Sherry Winslow Night Rider
2017 Ian Wyant Lancelot
2017 Tyler Yates Snowman
2018 Brennen Bartlett No Rush
2018 Jason Benhaim Left Foot
2018 Eva Berndt Red Titan
2018 Barbara Blair Feldhaus Honeyfeet
2018 Einav Bloom Indigo
2018 Harry Bonham Carter The Hygienist
2018 Gabriel Curry Bear Spray
2018 John W. Floyd SWC
2018 Torsten Hermann Heartbreaker
2018 Peter Hochhauser Chopper
2018 Connor Holttum No Name
2018 Connor Hoover Monkey Meal
2018 Zeke Hoskins DC
2018 Robert Kendall Sage
2018 Konnor Kenneweg Double Stuf
2018 David Kidson Strings
2018 Kevin Landgraver Wait Up
2018 Andy Laub Camel
2018 Blair Libby D Wax
2018 Marc Raffa Uber
2018 Jackson Rhodes Nightwalker
2018 Artem Rotar Lost & Found
2018 Daviel Salgado Saucy
2018 Theodore Sandberg Adventure Man Stan
2018 Jared Stewart Mr President
2018 Ben Stott Too Late
2018 Brian Tripp
2018 Emma Vigers Chuckles
2018 Kevin Wells Breakpoint
2018 Nick Wilson BiNG
2019 Jon Booth Recon
2019 Shane Buckley-Gray Snake Farm
2019 Angelique Carl Shepherd
2019 Alicia Czarnowski Cheeto
2019 Lian de Jel Cookie Monster
2019 Rebecca Fatham Couscous Queen
2019 Gerald Favret Natty
2019 Jameson Fetzer Lorax
2019 Caroline Ludwig Huck Finn
2019 Carol Lee McAlpine Tick Magnet
2019 Samantha Matthews-McCarty Bugs
2019 Don McCarty Moose
2019 Patrick Mostyn Bud
2019 Emily Nuckols Sweets
2019 Sonja Orth Rocky
2019 David Peebles Hardy
2019 Dana Pica Magpie
2019 Tim Plaza Tribhu
2019 Jacob Reimer Waldo
2019 Kaelyn Rogers Sunshine
2019 Teddy Rutberg Feral
2019 Nick Sampson Fugitive
2019 Justin Sprecher Semisweet
2019 Kate Sprecher
2019 Sean Sullivan
2019 Taylor Thornton Thor
2019 Michael Vanderberg Cloudy
2019 Seth Yoder
2020 Sean Auclair
2020 Tommy Brettschneider Famished
2020 Ryan Carpenter Green Tortuga
2020 William Egan Backtrack
2020 Taylor Jacklin Bug
2020 Jay Janvrin Wook
2020 Ryan Johnstone
2020 Emma Kahle
2020 Kyle Kretschmer Van Gogh
2020 Mary Levengood Frito
2020 Lea Lin Acorn
2020 Jessica Luty Petra
2020 Anthony Mannello Cruise
2020 Jill Russell Port
2020 Alison Shovlain
2020 Joseph Smith Beta
2020 Emily Steffke Battle Wounds
2021 Chloe Braedt Garden
2021 Alex Brettmann Goober
2021 Christopher Burke
2021 Sadie Curry Sketchy
2021 Rachel Duncan SKWYRM
2021 Rebekah Eaton Micro
2021 Kathleen Egan Tatopani
2021 Susan P. Ferguson Pica
2021 John Fiddler Bistari
2021 Steven Foncree Tennesteve
2021 Cameron Fones Wingfoot
2021 Nick Fowler Road Runner
2021 Patrick French Dosu Kinuta
2021 Travis Fried Nooch
2021 Brennan Gelhar Beans
2021 Hadyn Gunter Chilly
2021 Kevin Heitman Death Wish
2021 Pamela Hershberger Cookie
2021 Richard Hershberger Tic Toc
2021 Nicole Kulovitz ShotGun
2021 Jacob Krynock Napoleon
2021 Melissa Leahy Athena
2021 Evan Leonard Couscous
2021 Drew Murphy Swat
2021 Aloe Nelson Flower
2021 Charles Noe Lucky Man
2021 Bradley Pazian Sparky
2021 John Penland BTeam
2021 Scott Peterson Princess
2021 Kelsey Rae Porter Hot Sauce
2021 Blake Robinson DELUXE
2021 Sean Rutherford Encore
2021 Shawn Sobel Type II
2021 Natasha Volkmann Poppy
2021 Sloan Woodward Twentyone
2022 Tim Beissinger Tik
2022 Scott Bingham Iceman
2022 Taylor Cole Karaoke
2022 Jesse Funk
2022 Leah Harman Twig
2022 Karolin Kirn The OG
2022 Katie Martin Honey
2022 Carlos Miera
2022 Renee L Miller Tok
2022 Daniel Munsell Chopsticks
2022 Alex Norris Showco
2022 Keegan O’Rourke Poundcake
2022 Shane Pitman Goofy
2022 Andrew Pritchett Grit
2022 Jerry Retzlaff #2
2022 Kassie Rice Lucky Duck
2022 Matt Robins Salty
2022 William Stevenson Shaggy
2022 Parker Sutton Moon
2022 J. Bacchus Taylor Bacchus
2022 Mathias Vetter Type 2
2022 Heather Werderman Steady