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Disappointment Creek Trailhead

Disappointment Trailhead

Disappoint Creek Trailhead (the next stop after Fourteen Mile Recreation Area), features ample parking and one vault toilet. There is NO WATER at this trailhead, though you may be able to draw and filter water from creeks nearby.

From here, you can embark into the Loomis State Forest trail system via the North Fork Trail, or continue up the road to Goodenough.

Goodenough Trailhead

Motorized access is restricted beyond the locked gate at Disappointment Creek.  Another 2–3 miles up Fourteenmile road, are trailheads for the PNT in Loomis State Forest.

On your right, you’ll pass the terminus for the PNT on Snowshoe Mountain Trail, which travels eastbound to Cold Springs campground and the end of Ninemile Rd.

At the end of Fourteenmile Rd is a large firebreak clearing, from which you can embark on the PNT westbound through Goodenough Park, into the Pasayten Wilderness.

The Goodenough “Trailhead” is not developed; it’s just a staging area (big open space) for resource management and firefighting.

  • From Loomis, continue north on the Loomis-Oroville Rd
  • Turn left on Toats Coulee Rd; follow Toats Coulee Rd up the Toats Coulee Ck watershed
  • After approx. 5.5 miles on Toats Coulee Rd, you’ll make a slight right up a fork to remain on Toats Coulee Rd, heading up the N Fk of Toats Coulee Ck.  (There’s a campground at the junction of the N Fk and S Fk Toats Coulee creeks.)
  • Turn right up the Fourteen Mile Rd; stay on Fourteen Mile Rd, continuing up N Fk Toats Coulee Ck.
  • Fourteen Mile Rd ends either at the locked gate at Disappointment Creek, or another 2–3 miles beyond the gate in an expansive clearing/ staging area below Goodenough Park.


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