Ron Strickland and Ted Hitzroth arrive at the Pacific Ocean on their 1983 exploratory thru-hike. Photo by Ron Strickland.


Record numbers of thru-hikers have flocked to attempt the Pacific Northwest Trail in 2017 — the Pacific Northwest Trail Association estimates that over 100 hikers have attempted end-to-end treks this year, nearly double the largest figures in our 40 year history. For most of its existence, as few as five or ten were bold and experienced enough to tackle this rugged route.

Long distance trail lovers will recognize that these numbers are relatively low — end-to-end treks “against the grain” of the rugged northwest topography of the Pacific Northwest Trail represent a rare accomplishment — historically, less than half of all attempts to complete the entire PNT in a single season have been successful.

In 1977, Ron Strickland began tracking the first exploratory thru-hikes on the PNT, but over the last forty years, many finishers’ accomplishments have been lost to history – until now.

To publicly honor the achievement of these hardy men and women, the PNTA has created an official list of those who completed all 1,200 miles of the Pacific Northwest Trail. The names of these hikers and equestrians will be published at an all new PNT.org to launch later this year.

We acknowledge that this preliminary list may be far from complete and encourage PNT end-to-enders to contact us.

The special passion 1,200 milers hold for the Pacific Northwest Trail helps to ensure its legacy; the personal stories long-distance hikers share about the struggles and rewards of the trail are what draw others to experience the PNT and the beautiful landscapes and historic main streets of the Pacific and Inland Northwest.



A 1,200 miler is someone who has connected their steps along the entire Pacific Northwest Trail, from one terminus to to the other.

  • We recognize users regardless of sequence, speed, or combination of route choices

  • We do not distinguish between single-season thru-hikes and multi-year sections hikes; we recognize your accomplishment whether it took two months or 40 years to complete

  • We recognize equestrians, backpackers, and hybrid trips


A section hiker is a long-distance hiker who has completed one or more of the ten sections of the PNT. Upon completing all ten sections of trail, a section hiker will be recognized as a 1200 miler.

Section-hiking is a practical way to experience the PNT; shorter trips require less time to complete and can be planned to fit into life schedules or to take advantage of the fairest weather conditions.



It is not practical to verify a hiker’s claim of completing the entire PNT. Instead, our policy is to operate on the honor system, assuming that those who submit a request for recognition have done so in good faith.

  • We operate on the honor system

  • We believe that false claims made by the few devalue the struggle and achievement of many

  • No two end-to-end hikes are the same; our trail corridor offers multiple route choices, continues to evolve, and may be affected by seasonal “acts of nature,” like wildfire, weather, or snowpack