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Forest Service Publishes PNT Fact Sheet


Do you have questions about the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail (PNT)?

The Pacific Northwest Trail Association has a long-standing partnership with the US Forest Service in the management of the Pacific Northwest Trail. As the lead agency responsible for the administration of the PNT, the Forest Service is responsible for providing trailwide coordination, guidance, technical assistance, and consultation with other agencies or private landowners who manage sections of the trail.

To help answer common questions about the PNT, the US Forest Service recently published an informative fact sheet.

If you would like to learn more about the management of the PNT related to: long distance/thru-hiker capacity, grizzly bear recovery and other conservation efforts, impacts on motorized access and timber production, or border safety and security, you can find the US Forest Service fact sheet, here.

For answers to other questions about long distance hiking and other forms of recreation on the the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail, please visit the Association’s FAQ page.