New Website Launch

The New

If you haven’t visited our home on the web recently, we invite you to come explore the changes we’ve made at To adapt to the latest changes on the web, and to improve access to the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail by providing comprehensive trail information, we rebuilt our website from the ground up.

Here is a brief tour of some of the new features and content that we’ve rolled out for 2018.

Know Before You Go

Plan Your Trip

Inspired by the websites of our National Parks, this new online guide provides information and resources to help you learn and prepare for your next adventure on the Pacific Northwest Trail. Our guides were created to fulfill our mission to provide information and educational resources for our users, and to encourage safe and responsible use of the PNT. They cover important subjects like food storage, permits, and hazards, across the entire trail corridor. And our new social sharing links will make it easy for anyone to help protect the trail by sharing this information online.


 Explore the Trail

 Now you can explore the Pacific Northwest Trail from your living room. From the Rocky Mountains to the Wilderness Coast, the ten sections of trail which make up the PNT each offer a unique landscape to explore. Rugged mountain ranges, rolling grasslands and temperate rainforests, all make up the complex character of the PNT and add to the challenge of trip planning. Learn what to expect during a trip to each of these areas with our new online guides.

You can also visit our new image galleries to get inspired for your next trip. Seldom seen photos of the PNT in each section were generously donated by volunteer photographers—many of them pros! Special thanks to: Ashley Hill, Julie Hotz, Alex Maier, Andy Porter, Michael Sawiel, Tyler Yates, and our other volunteer photographers, for helping to capture the natural beauty and adventure of the trail.

You can also find detailed trail information here, like regulations specific to the area, trail conditions and local hazards.

Get Involved

Our new online resources make it easier than ever to join our trail community and to give back to the Pacific Northwest Trail. You can start by visiting our guide to getting involved; sign up to to become a volunteer, visit our new events calendar and explore different fundraising opportunities. Learn how you can help support the PNTA just by shopping at some of your favorite stores and at our new web store.

We’ve also made it more convenient to become a member or make a donation to the PNTA. Our Thunderbird campaign, in 2017, introduced our community the Classy fundraising platform. Classy offers a variety of secure options for online transactions and exciting crowdfunding tools that make fundraising simple and fun!

1200 Milers

1200 Milers Project

Last year, we announced our 1200 Milers Project, and encouraged those long-distance hikers and riders who have completed all 1,200 miles of the Pacific Northwest Trail to contact us.

In 1977, PNT founder Ron Strickland, began tracking the first exploratory thru-hikes on the PNT. Over the last forty years, many finishers’ accomplishments have been lost to history—until now. End-to-end treks “against the grain” of the rugged northwest topography of the Pacific Northwest Trail represent a rare accomplishment; historically, less than half of all attempts to complete the entire PNT have been successful. To publicly honor the achievement of these hardy women and men, our official list has been published at the new


More to Come

We’re excited to announce that we have more in store for this website. Improving access and protecting the trail through free resources and information is an important part of our mission.

How else can we improve our website? Please contact us at with your comments and suggestions. Our website and other programs are dependent on the support of users like you.



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