Above:  The Selkirk Mountains in Idaho. Photo by Eric Wollborg.

Selkirk Mountains, Section 3

From the fertile Kootenai River Valley the trail climbs over the offbeat Selkirk Mountains. This lesser-known granitic range offers the most rugged terrain found on the PNT. Challenging scrambling, solitude, and a slim chance to spot the extant woodland caribou all reward visitors to the Selkirk Range. These public lands are also home to a variety of seldom seen species like the wolverine, lynx, and gray wolf.

Perched atop Lookout Mountain, high above Priest Lake, sits one of the last operating fire lookouts in the Northwest, and lucky hikers might be invited up to enjoy the view from the tower.

Other highlights include the lush temperate rainforest along the Idaho-Washington border, the furthest inland rainforest in North America. On Abercrombie Mountain, the highest point in the section, the PNT offers sweeping views of Eastern Washington and subalpine meadows dotted with purple lupine, indian paintbrush, and other vibrant wildflowers.

Inland Temperate Rainforest
Inland Temperate Rainforest
Photo by Tyler Yates

Bonners Ferry, ID to Northport, WA

152 mi (245 km)

Highest Point: 7,212’ primary route

Elevation Gain/ Loss:  +30,482’ / -31,625’



  • Selkirk Crest
  • Lookout Mountain LO
  • Rare wildlife: grizzlies, caribou, and lynx
  • Hike across the ID-WA state line
  • Upper Priest Lake
  • Abercrombie Mountain
  • Old growth forests
  • Temperate rainforest