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Silver Creek FR 7078-070

Silver Creek Campground

This campground situated between North Fork and South Fork Silver creeks features a vault toilet, camp sites with picnic tables, and a group campsite. There is no potable water here, but you can draw and filter water from the creeks.

Silver Creek campground is a trailhead for the PNT on N Fk Silver Creek TR 119, which ties also in with Abercrombie Mountain TR 117.

On the other side of the campground— through the group site— is the trailhead for S Fk Silver Creek TR 123. A short drive back down the road will take you to a fork where you can journey up to Sherlock Peak TR 139.

Silver Creek Rd has rough and rutted in spots; high clearance vehicles are recommended.

  • From Colville, travel east on 3rd Ave/ Hwy 20.
  • Approx. 0.9 mi out of downtown, turn left on Aladdin Rd.
  • Follow Aladdin for approx. 25.5 miles, then turn right on Deep Lake / Boundary Rd.
  • After approx. 7.3 miles on Deep Lake Rd, you’ll reach the small settlement of Leadpoint; turn right on Silver Creek FR 7078-070.
  • At the first fork, keep left to start on Silver Creek Rd, rather than forking right onto Gladstone.
  • You’ll pass FR 7078-000 on your left, which heads up to the Abercrombie Mountain 117 trailhead. Shortly after the Abercrombie junction, the road forks again: stay left to remain on Silver Creek FR -070.
  • The right fork would take you up Sherlock Peak FR 7078-075, to Sherlock Peak TR 139.
  • Silver Creek FR -070 ends at Silver Creek Campground and the PNT.


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